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This VOWS interview is close to our heart. Today, we're pretty excited to be chatting to Karolina Jasek, founder of The Digital Perspective: an Ecommerce and Digital Consultancy Agency specifically targeted towards female-founded and ethical SMEs. Not only is she a badass at coding, with professional career highlights heading up digital for Charli London and luxury designer Mira Mikati, but Karo is also BMM's long-time friend, former colleague and most importantly a soon-to-be international bride who has personally been battling the stress of planning two wedding celebrations during a global pandemic. Originally due to be married last year with contemporary yet glamorous wedding in Poland, Karolina has had to navigate it all from London, whilst being separated for months from her partner whilst he works abroad in Madrid. 

We've been through some food and friendship highs, and some real professional lows together, but most importantly we've stayed friends, and encouraged each other with positive and sarcastic voice notes through it all, and we can't wait to attend her big day. We've also cheekily convinced her to wear BMM for her civil service too... find out why.

So, how did we meet?

We met 5 years ago in London where we worked together for an ecommerce startup based in Chelsea, with it's primary concept was to sell "modest" style options and pieces from luxury and premium designers. It was my first fashion job in London and I was just an ecommerce and social media intern back then. I just clicked with Alice, she was so supportive. We used to go for lunch and coffee every day together, it was an amazing summer for me. I learned a lot about Shopify back then and Alice was responsible for PR and Communication. We worked really closely together. She is such a talented woman. (Awww I'm not crying, YOU are Karo!)

Tell us more about your career/and or brand. 

I am an independent Ecommerce and Digital consultant with more than 5 years of solid experience of implementing digital strategies for Small and Medium size businesses. Last year, I created my consulting business ‘The Digital Perspective’. The concept of the consulting business is to offer different digital services but also teach the clients how to use Shopify, Wix, SEO practice and different ecom tools. I always publish content on Instagram to teach my clients about recent digital trends, Instagram algorithms, new Shopify apps etc, it's all about sharing the love with start-ups that may not be able to always have the financial access to digital experts.

I work with small brands mainly founded by female entrepreneurs. I offer a different type of services from Website Design and Development to PPC, SEO, Ecommerce Audit and Paid Social Media. I truly love my job seriously. I have met so many female entrepreneurs who have such great businesses.

The Digital Perspective has one mission to deliver and execute the most efficient digital strategy within your budget. We support small businesses and female entrepreneurs, it's truly my creative passion.

Best bridal advice?

I would say don’t make impulsive decisions. Take your time to think and plan properly. Also, life is unpredictable and we all want to have a Disney wedding but the recent Covid pandemic taught me to reflect on whats truly important in life, and don’t go into full panic and meltdown mode if something goes wrong.

I planned an amazing wedding last year. All our guests booked the ticket to Poland from the USA or Mexico. Of course, I was not able to do my wedding last September. I was devastated at the beginning but I had to make the rational decision to look after the health of my guests and staff working in the venue.

Which aspects of a wedding would you vow to re-work, reuse and repurpose?

Rework: I would probably change the number of guests. Now with Covid, everything is so uncertain so I am worried that some guests might have an issue with travelling during the pandemic.

Reuse: If I knew Alice had this amazing idea for Brides Made Modern, I would have bought a second hand dress. I struggled to find places that re-sold luxury pieces that were affordable but also fashion forward. I think the current or "traditional" way of purchasing wedding dresses are not sustainable or environmentally friendly, and I am a person who truly tries to live as best as I can to these principles. 

Re-purpose: Our wedding is on the 19th of June 2021 so I have a plan to resell my wedding dress afterwards for any brides planning to have autumn weddings for sure. Also, we will donate wedding flowers and food to the local orphanage and shelters. I think there are always a lot of leftovers after the wedding... food and spare decor so the best solution would be donating that to people who really may be needing some additional help during this difficult time.  

Dream wedding guests?

Edin and Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous. The wedding can’t go wrong with them.

For real I would say Oprah Winfrey, Kamala Harris, Meryl Streep and Victoria Beckham. I really admire Oprah and Kamala, they had such humble beginnings. For me they are the proper definition of a "girl-boss", full on self-made and proud women.  

Top three songs on the dance-floor playlist.

  • Dancing in the Moonlight (so cheesy)
  • Oasis: Number One
  • Frank Sinatra: I love you Baby

Any 2021 trends a bride-to-be needs to watch out for?

Wear flat shoes instead of heels if that is what you want to do. You need to feel comfortable and relaxed at your wedding... so why sacrifice for pain. I am going to wear sneakers for my wedding... I know it is a crazy idea but no one can’t really see your shoes anyway.

Check out Karolina and The Digital Perspective at www.thedigitalperspective.co.uk or over on her IG.


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