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We're pretty delighted to finally have Charlotte Diercks on VOWS. Why? Because Charlotte or better known as Proxybloom, is the appointment only flower studio that created BMM founders' vision of her bridal bouquet back in 2019 when BMM was still just a baby of an idea. We came across Proxybloom randomly after endlessly researching floral installations from fashion production, fell in love with her sculptural and playful floral styling... and after two rambling emails, a couple of calls where words such as "silver spray paint" and "orchids" were thrown about... Charlotte presented us with an insane, architectural bouquet the likes that no one had quite seen before. She also works alongside floral installation superstars Blooming Haus. Whilst mysteriously elusive, Charlotte prefers to be working behind the camera and let her flowers do the talking for her. Find out more.


So, how did we meet?

I had the pleasure of making your wedding bouquet. And to this date It’s still one of my favourites as you had such modern and unusual vision.

Tell us more about your career/and or brand.

With a background in art and fashion, I design playful, romantic and modern arrangements. Working with flowers feels like coming home for me. I’m excited to see how my work can connect and contribute to the joy of others. Flowers don’t have to be just a simple bunch, they can evoke emotions and stories. I specialise in floral styling for events, photoshoots, weddings and weekly house and corporate accounts.

Proxybloom started as a little passion on the side. Working with flowers is very meditative and calming and I can’t think of a better job. I’m working freelance for other florists as well trying to get as much insights as possible, as I’m completely self-taught. Nothing brings me more joy than bringing my creative vision into the world and there are many exciting projects currently in the pipelines.

Best bridal advice?

Make it personal! Flowers can be an incredible source of self-expression.

You don’t have to go with the Pinterest perfect wedding, think about what makes you genuinely happy. Did you like making little daisy crowns as a child? Then no one will stop you from wearing one on your wedding day.


What aspects of a wedding would you vow to re-work, re-use and re-purpose?

Obviously, flowers are a difficult medium to reuse. But I like the idea of having little potted plants as a table center-piece that the guest can take home afterwards. I’m also a big fan of reworking your wedding dress. There is no reason why it needs to hang an eternity in your closet after your wedding. As my background is in fashion design, I would definitely recommend trying to think ahead and how you might be able to reuse or even rework it. Most fabrics are very easy to dye by the way.

Dream wedding guests?

A lot of my friends and family are scattered around the world. It would be a dream for everyone to be able to attend.

Top three songs on the dance-floor playlist.

Black Eyed Peas – I’ve Got a Feeling

Abba – Dancing Queen 

Fisher – Losing It


Any 2021 trends a bride-to-be needs to watch out for?

Personally, I think it’s going to be very bright colors. After all this past year has brought, we all need some cheering up. I also hope brides will dare to wear colours for their wedding day. I think I would choose a very bright fuchsia coloured gown.

What BMM dress has caught your eye?

The Galvan sequinned number. It's like wearing a disco ball!

Check out Charlotte and Proxybloom's work at www.proxybloom.com or over on her IG.

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