VOWS Chats To.... Jourdy.

Ever since we stumbled across Jourdy's dreamy, "bunny earred" Knot bags on Instagram, we've been solidly day-dreaming about this gorgeously slow fashion accessory brand that takes more than a little inspiration from 1960's style. And yes, no bias, but we just had to make designer's Jourdan Cunningham's Starlight Mini Knot bag mine... what can we say? We're a sucker for sequins and you will be too.

Jourdan currently resides in the US, and this is one talented girl with a background in studio arts and critical & curatorial studies, with Jourdy bags made in her down time. When she is not busy sewing, she loves spending time with her family, dog Kylie and cat Mochi.... BRIDES, made modern catches up with this dream designer who prefers to take things sustainably slow. 

So, how did we meet?

We met through Instagram! (Politely, Jourdan is trying not to say that I slid into her DM's fangirling about her bags!)

Tell us more about your career/and or brand.

Jourdy is my little shop. I make handbags with scrunchie handles. They are made from vintage and remnant fabrics to add a playful edge to a simple handbag design.

Best bridal advice?

I have never been a bride but I guess I would say just be true to yourself! Your special day is about you and your partner.


Which aspects of a wedding would you vow to re-work, re-use and re-purpose?

Whenever I do have my own wedding, I definitely want to style it with vintage items that I could then re-purpose within my home :) 

Dream wedding guests?

I think Led Zeppelin would be awesome haha!

Top three songs on the dance-floor playlist.

I already have a spotify playlist made out! Your Song by Elton John, Thank You by Led Zeppelin, and Time of the Season by The Zombies.


Any 2021 trends a bride-to-be needs to watch out for?

I am actually not very up-to-date on the trends at the moment but I always say less is more. 

What BMM dress has caught your eye?

I love anything green and 60’s so the recent green dress! (If its the vintage 1960's Laura Phillips embellished shift gown and jacket, we totally agree!)

Check out Jordan and Jourdy's collection over at www.itsjourdy.com or at her IG.


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