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FLOROHDE is a slow fashion luxury label we are so excited about at BRIDES, made modern... Since discovering Flo's brand on Instagram, the unique designs and detailed execution of her consciously-created womenswear, make her pieces absolute wardrobe style staples. Designed and handmade in London using a mixture of dead-stock, sustainable and organic fabrics, FLOROHDE designs are trans-seasonal pieces that are perfect as evening-wear options or for relaxed separates for fashion-forward brides.


So, how did we meet?

We met (virtually) through Instagram! One of the nicest surprises since launching my own brand has been how supportive the community of women doing similar things has been!  x

Tell us more about your career/and or brand.

I made the decision to launch my own brand in the summer after being made redundant due to the impact of corona virus (I previously worked as a design assistant at a luxury women's brand in London). Having my own brand is something I have always wanted to do so even though it has come about in a slightly strange way, I am really excited about what’s to come!

As a brand, the focus is about creating beautiful pieces that are made in a conscious way, using responsibly sourced materials, handmade on a small scale and with complete transparency for the customer. 

Best bridal advice?

In the current climate I would say the best advice is to stay focused on why you are getting married as I can imagine it’s a pretty stressful time to be planning anything let alone a wedding!  x

What aspects of a wedding would you vow to re-work, re-use and re-purpose?

I think nearly every aspect can be re-worked or re-used, from buying a dress that you can adapt slightly to make it work for another occasion, to making sure all your guests leave with a bunch of the wedding flowers on the day!

If you are going to loads of weddings one year, I think its great to swap outfits with friends, create a giant shared wardrobe and you wont be caught in the same outfit twice! 

Dream wedding guests?

I actually think my dream guests would be my closest friends and family, which is lucky for me!  

Top three songs on the dance-floor playlist.

This is tricky probably some Elton John, Florence + The Machine and a bit of the Weeknd vibes - a random selection so there is something for everyone!

Any 2021 trends a bride-to-be needs to watch out for?

I think that a key trend will be sustainability. There has been a real mass awakening in the last year and it will definitely impact the way people shop for their wedding outfit whether its turning to pre-loved, renting or focusing on the materials used to make their chosen piece!

Which BMM dress has caught your eye?

All the Ulla Maija dresses are beautiful!

Check out Flo and FLOROHDE's collection over at www.florohde.co.uk or at her IG.

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